Get More Clients With a Lot Less Hassle

“After 20 years in marketing, I’ve been through many programs and the Momentum Club is the best business building program I’ve ever been in – it’s truly a breed apart.”

Dan Pfister


“After a very short time in Momentum Club I had my ever best revenue month. I mean best EVER - since being self employed or previously being in employment.”

Steve Nicholls

MD Executive Connexions


The Momentum Club Rapid Results Program is your fastest way to build a steady flow of leads and clients without needing to spend all your time on marketing or become a super slick salesperson.

It's designed to be quick and easy for you to implement, with ten mini-courses covering all the key aspects of marketing and sales for a service based business. All the lessons are around 5-20 minutes or so long and there are exercises and examples so you can make progress fast.

The Rapid Results Program is just $397