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Working with corporate clients can be amongst the most rewarding, interesting and high paid work you can do. But winning those clients can be a big challenge.

Corporate executives are difficult to get through to, and there's a lot more competition than when you're marketing to smaller businesses.

The Selling To Corporates program gives you everything you need to win high paying corporate clients. And you get my personal support too.


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Details of the Selling to Corporates Program

Selling To Corporates is a complete guide for small firms and solo professionals on how to win corporate clients. It takes you through each of the key stages in the process, including:

  • Identifying and finding the best corporate clients for you
  • Creating a compelling, tailored value proposition for those clients so that your message stands out from the crowd
  • Creating detailed account plans that focus on the critical success factors for landing big clients
  • Using the Dream 100 and Perfect 10 strategies to concentrate your marketing to create maximum impact
  • How to use “High Value Briefings” to motivate potential clients to want to meet with you
  • Which approaches work best to connect with corporate executives, from referrals to presentations to cold emails and direct mail (and how to choose the right approaches for you)
  • How to rapidly expand your contact network with in a client organisation and build credibility and trust for when those clients are ready to buy
  • How to handle sales meetings so that clients value them and you work in partnership to decide whether to move forwards (rather than you just being grilled on your capabilities)
  • How to work decision networks in corporate organisations to onboard the key decision makers and influencers to move your engagement forward
  • How to write successful proposals and deliver winning presentations
  • How to work effectively with procurement and HR to ensure your proposal makes it through all the official hoops

How is the training delivered?

When you sign up for the course you get instant access to a private membership site where you can access all the resources. These include:

  • Core training videos for every element of winning corporate clients
  • Audio versions of each module so you can listen on your ipod/mp3 player
  • Copies of all the slides, plus workbooks for all the exercises in the program
  • “Copy and paste” templates and examples you can use, from account plan templates to sample direct mail letters and emails

You have lifetime access to the material, so you can work through at your own pace and keep coming back to refresh your knowledge whenever you need it.

You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions about marketing and selling to corporates and get input and ideas from me and the other course members. Or you can email me for a personal reply to any questions.

Does this only work if you’re selling to huge multinationals or public sector organisations?

The course is specifically designed for people selling to larger organisations where buying decisions are more complex, there are multiple people involved in the decision, and usually some form of formal procurement.

That certainly includes multinationals and public sector organisations. But it typically also includes medium sized organisations.

Sometimes organisations with 20 or 50 employees can have relatively complex buying processes and decision-making (think of the partnership structure in a law firm for example) and certainly once an organisation reaches 100 people you’ll find that the methods taught in the course work incredibly well.

The course is priced in dollars. Does that mean it only works for US clients?

The course is based on my own experiences selling to corporates and that of my clients over the last 7 years. I’ve personally sold to clients in the UK, US, France, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. And I’ve worked with clients in the UAE, Tunisia, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland (and probably a couple of places I can’t remember).

The principles of the course work across different countries and cultures, although of course you’ll have to adjust wording and style to your own local conditions.

What if I can’t get the program to work for me?

I’m confident that if you put the lessons and insights in the course to work then you will get results.

In fact, I’m so confident, I’m giving you a full 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take the course for a test drive. Start getting results from it. If at any time during the first 60 days you decide it’s not for you or you don’t think you’ll get at a least 10x return on your investment then just contact me and you’ll get a complete refund. No questions asked.

So there’s absolutely no risk to you.

And if you have any questions at all about the program, just email me on and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer.

OK then, I’m ready to invest in the course. What do I do next?

Just click the button below and you can either pay by credit card or Paypal. You’ll then be taken to the membership site where you’ll get immediate access to the program.

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