Welcome to the program - you're all signed up!

You should be getting a confirmation email from me very shortly.

The program is simple: every week on Friday morning you'll get an email from me with the prefix [MAP] in the subject line asking you three questions:

1) What did you Achieve in the last week?
2) What do you Commit to achieving next week?
3) What Else would you like to share or ask?

Just hit reply and answer the three questions. The reply will come to me and be filed in a special folder in my inbox. And, of course, your answers won't be shared with anyone else.

Making commitments to action each week and then regularly reporting on those commitments will help you stay accountable for achieving your goals.

I'll be looking out for your email and will read each one. And if you have any questions for me I'll get back to you by email within a few days.

It sounds simple, but it works.

Your first email with be with you on Friday at about 8am.

Best wishes,